Sights of Marrakech

The City Wall:

The wall from the 12th century is 12km long and is one of the most impressive city walls of Morocco. It is protruded by cypresses, date palms and jaws. It is strengthened through 202 bastions. The most beautiful gate from the eleven gates is the Bab Aguenaou.



In the South-west, not far from the Place Djema el-Fna, the landmark of Marrakech is situated: the Koutoubia-Mosque with its great minaret. It is seen from far away.
The Mosque has its name from the former Book-Souq, who was located once at this place. Book (Koutub in arab).
The minaret, constructed by the Almohads in the late 12th is the only finished one during their reign. The outside is completely restored and can only be admired.
The minaret is apart from the Tour Hassan and the Giralda of Sevilla a model for other moroccan minarets.
Immense because of its height of 69m, with the top even 77m it is visible for miles.

Post Author: Kenzi Murray