Shopping and gifts


Most of the tourist shops accept credit cards like Euro/Master, Visa and sometimes American Express. You can also pay at international hotels or in some restaurants with credit card
Do not pay immediately the first price. If you trade skill you can get a reduction. (this does not pass for restaurants or hotels)


At a lot of kiosks, you can get International journals and magazines one or two days after date of issue.
Daily journals and magazines in French are available in the whole city.

Purchase of food:

On the markets, a big quantity and choice of fruits and vegetables are offered. Here you can try to trade for getting a good price. Often tourists and strangers are offered a higher price. There is always a difference to trade, even though you have the opinion it is cheap. 1Dirham has the worth of 0,5 Euro, compared with the salaries in Morocco.

Post Author: Kenzi Murray