Planning a Trip to Morocco

So, you want to take a nice trip out to Morocco. Being a North African country right next to the Atlantic Ocean as well as the Mediterranean Sea, spending some time near the coast can be very fun. As well, in many locations there are squares such as Djemaa el-Fna where people sell ceramics, jewelry and other great giftable goods. The country is very beautiful and there is a new history lesson every single turn of the way. Morocco is insanely ornate and some of the simplest things look to be of the highest quality. You will easily find yourself taking many different photos all around. There are so many different things to be seen in Morocco. But since it is in Africa, there are some things you will need to plan ahead for.

Where to Start Planning

First thing to be sure to do after you have your plane tickets and passport is to check visa requirements. The United States is not required to have a visa to enter Morocco, but anywhere else is up to the requirements and will need to be checked. Next up is to check your chargers for your phone or other devices you bring along the way. Morocco uses the Europlug, so you may need an adapter to be able to charge your devices. You do not want to realize this later and have to find an adapter before you can begin to see the beautiful country.

Next is bringing a lot of money to exchange into Morccan Dirham. Exchanging more than $350 or so usually gets you a little extra money, so be sure to check on the current conversion rates to decide how much you need to bring with you according to the current prices of items. Having a travel credit card is also useful, but using this can be risky in any country you visit, and having your information stolen can be pretty bad in a different country, so cash is usually a better option. If you do use a card, be sure to let your bank that you are out of the country so you don’t get a phone call asking why your card was just charged twenty bucks at a Morrocan gift shop.

Morroco is an Arabic country so Arabian is the common language, along with French. Luckily, many people know how to speak basic English so you usually wont be in a scramble to find that one person in a crowd that can direct you to a location. But with all foreign countries it is best to learn basic Arabic and common phrases you would use anywhere else. Most people in the country are very kind and easy to speak with, so don’t worry about having to have small talk with several locals to find out where it is you are trying to get to.

What to Pack

Packing clothes is obvious, but Morocco weather varies from location, so depending on where you are in Morocco, it could be blistering hot or somewhat cool, so be sure to pack clothes that are breathable and that you can take off if it starts to get very hot outside. You probably wont need anything more than a light jacket for the colder temperatures in the summer, and anything more is not necessarily needed. Just be sure to check the weather for the locations you plan to visit and pack accordingly. Compared to the United States, their air is very dry and you will be sweating a lot if you wear too many layers or pants that heat up quickly.

You need to pack sunscreen. Do not forget this, because even if you think you won’t get sunburned, you will. The sun beats down on you all the time, and shade is your only friend if there is a fan or air conditioning because even there its still hot during the summer. Do not forget sunscreen, I won’t go into detail but just bring some and apply it on any parts of your body exposed to the sun. You can thank me later.

The best way to travel around is definitely by train, as they are very nice and newer than other countries in Africa. They are also a very good price, so getting on one just requires you to be at the station on time and ready to go. Other than that, a one day car tour with a guide can be very fun to go explore different parts of the country. I would recommend bringing a hat and sunglasses because some places can get pretty bright, and you don’t want to miss the beautiful view.

For more information, visit the National Geographic Morocco Travel Guide.

Post Author: Kenzi Murray