9 Things to Feel Right at Home in Morocco

Have a guide:

A place like Morocco is always safe and pleasant if you travel with a local guide. He will help you understand the language, culture and the way you have to carry yourself in public. Morocco is not a large landmass, but since is densely populated and the roads are busy all the time, and a guide will have your back.


Cafes to socialize:

The cafe is one hangout spot that you will find almost within every 10 feet in Morocco. One of the most common things found in Morocco is a cafe. You can simply hang out and socialize as long as you wish.

Showing off is not so cool:

For all you lovely ladies out there, Morocco is not your place, if you love to wear crop tops and short skirts. Women in Morocco are way too conservative. Though there are not any hard and fast rules pressed on the tourists who visit the place, you will still be harassed if your dress doesn’t stick to their custom. Men are free to wear anything that they want.

There’s more than Arabic:

Arabic is the language of the land in Morocco. Cool if you already knew the language still you will find it hard to survive in Morocco as there are hell a lot of dialects, and the natives keep switching from one language to the other in between the lines.

Do not forget to visit Souq:

Souq is a common name for a marketplace in the Arabian regions. But the Souq that is located in Northern Morocco is still the best because the place has almost everything that you would want from dresses to footwear and pubs to eateries you can almost find everything. But be careful because the place is large and densely populated from dawn to dusk so do not lose your trail.

Morocco’s Culture:

The culture and habits of the people in Morocco have a lot to do with Berber and Arab. It has a bit of French influence as well. As we already stated, though Arabic is the national language, the language is broken into a lot of dialects. Each dialect has its own influence and origin. Almost 90% of the population is made up of Islamic people. Thereby they have their own rules, and their culture differs with the rest of the world.

Take care of yourself:

For some reason, they say that if you are not a native Moroccan, there are good chances that you might fall ill easily. Keep yourself clean all the time. Make sure you feast only on cooked food and drink clean and contained water.

Carry adequate local currency:

Though there are facilities to exchange your currency for Dirham in Morocco, you will never know when you have time to hit the proper ATM. Changing your currency to the local ones can be an issue all the time. So make sure that you exchange as much as you want even before to pack your clothes.

What to buy:

Moroccan markets sell some of the best-embroidered products, beautiful lanterns, pendants and floor lamps. Also, do not miss out the Argan oil and the rich spices that are available in the markets.

Post Author: Kenzi Murray