Jardin Majorelle

This garden is in the South of the Royal Palace Dar El Makhzen. The garden in this form constructed in 19thcentury, contains almost fruit trees. The first trees were planted in the 12th by the Almohads.
The palace Dar el-Hana with a terrace with a wonderful view over the garden to the silhouette of the High Atlas.

The most beautiful of the garden of Marrakech is situated like the Garden Menara in Guéliz, the Ville Nouvelle (Guéliz) of Marrakech. The French painter and decorator Jacques Majorelle (1888-1962) settled down in Marrakech in 1923 and laid out a subtropical garden. When he left Marrakech in 1962, the garden overgrew, before the French designer Yves-Saint Laurent bought it in the 70s. He and Pierre Bergé restored the garden and founded a museum in the former atelier of the painter (Musée Art Islamique); where you can also regard some works of Majorelle.

Post Author: Kenzi Murray