Feast of the islamic calendar

The Lent Ramadan lasts 30 days. During the Lent, it is not allowed either to drink, to eat, to smoke nor to have any sexual contacts from sunrise to sunset.
Please respect the Lent and try to renounce of drinking, eating and smoking in public.
During Ramadan, times passes in another rhythm. At day a lot of shops are closed while the Muslims stayed long in the nights.
The opening times of the administrations are normally from 9.00 to 14.00 Uhr. The restaurants open mostly just in the evening. As soon as the sun sets, the sirens resound. This is the end of the Lent for this day and the dinner can begin…..
Because of the Ramadan, it is more dangerous than usual to drive, take attention and count with mistakes at every time from the others.

Aid Es-Seg Hir

The end of the Lent  Ramadan is announced with 10 cannon shots and a feast of sacrifice.

Aid El-Kebir

The end of the pilgrimage month is celebrated with a great feast of sacrifices called Aid El-Kebir. Each family, which is able to spend it, sacrifices at less one mutton. the poor people which need it, are given a part of this mutton.
For the european people is a strange feast. The mutton is bought one week before and live in town on the roofs or in the apartments until the feast Aid El-Kebir! In this week you can buy everywhere muttons. You can see often muttons transported on the car roofs, in the trunk, busses of the public transport or even on the shoulders through the Souk to the families. The morning of Aid El-Kebir the butchers a very busy. One week the families eat muttons in every variation. Of course, the butcheries are closed during this week.

Post Author: Kenzi Murray