Feast and Festivals

Roses- Moussem

After the harvest of the roses, a colorful folklore spectacle in El-Kaala N’Gouma takes place from the middle until the end of may.

Moussem of Cheikh Sidi Mohammed Laghdaf

In Tan-Tan at the end of May- the beginning of June- the inhabitants of the Sahara, f.e. The Tuareg, comes to Marabout the saint. Here you have the unique opportunity to take a look at the proud sons of the desert.

Festival of the spiritual and holy Music of the World (Festival des Musiques Sacrées du Monde)

This festival takes place in may at Fčs. This pretentious music week is an expression of the politic of religious tolerance led by King Hassan’s II. Chorus, orchestra, dancing groups and artist from all over the world – all together members of the Islamic, of the Jewish or the Christ church – animate the analysis garden of the palace of Batha in Fčs-El-Bali and the Place Bab Makina in Fčs-El-Jedid. Information: Association Fčs-Saiss, Tel. 05/63 54 00.

Post Author: Kenzi Murray