Accommodation Options in Morocco

Morocco owns more than a thousand alluring sights that travelers from all over the world find strikingly irresistible. With this, who could say no to exciting beach activities along the beautiful Atlantic coast? Who wouldn’t be mesmerized by the classic beauty of Marrakech art in the Dar Si Said Museum? Who could resist the comfortable […]

Beginners Guide to Moroccan Food

Ah, Moroccan Food. This style of food holds a very special place in my heart. Not only for some of the amazing spices that are using in the cooking, but also some of the very simple meals that can be made in the style. Morocco grows many different ingredients like spices, fruits, and vegetables. Spices […]

Best Cities to Visit in Morocco

Taking a trip to Morocco is so much fun. There are so many different things to see and experience, and the people that you will meet are super friendly and very helpful in showing you where places are if you are having trouble finding where you are trying to get to. Not only this, but […]

Planning a Trip to Morocco

So, you want to take a nice trip out to Morocco. Being a North African country right next to the Atlantic Ocean as well as the Mediterranean Sea, spending some time near the coast can be very fun. As well, in many locations there are squares such as Djemaa el-Fna where people sell ceramics, jewelry […]

Tips for Traveling to Morocco

Morocco is known for being a beautiful and exotic country. According to Travel & Leisure, Morocco is geographically divided into four parts: “the Sahara desert, full of Berber towns and oases; the Atlas and Rif Mountains, perfect for hikers; the plains which are home to the imperial cities of Marrakesh and Fez; and finally the […]

Feast of the islamic calendar

Ramadan The Lent Ramadan lasts 30 days. During the Lent, it is not allowed either to drink, to eat, to smoke nor to have any sexual contacts from sunrise to sunset. Please respect the Lent and try to renounce of drinking, eating and smoking in public. During Ramadan, times passes in another rhythm. At day […]

Feast and Festivals

Roses- Moussem After the harvest of the roses, a colorful folklore spectacle in El-Kaala N’Gouma takes place from the middle until the end of may. Moussem of Cheikh Sidi Mohammed Laghdaf In Tan-Tan at the end of May- the beginning of June- the inhabitants of the Sahara, f.e. The Tuareg, comes to Marabout the saint. […]

Night – Life in Marrakech

Diskos Entrance : 50 – 100 DH before midnight nothing has happened. Paradise Nightclub in the Hotel Pullman, Av. de la France, Mansour Eddahbi. at Hotel Beach Club Tel. 84 43 43 Le Shéhérazade Just only Moroccan guests, a Group of musicians plays Arabic music live. Im Hotel Kenza Le Diamond Noir (out) During the […]

Shopping and gifts

Shops: Most of the tourist shops accept credit cards like Euro/Master, Visa and sometimes American Express. You can also pay at international hotels or in some restaurants with credit card Do not pay immediately the first price. If you trade skill you can get a reduction. (this does not pass for restaurants or hotels) Journals: […]