Moroccan Culture

Morocco is a beautiful country with very rich culture. Travelers to Morocco should be prepared for a country that is very different from the West, and ought to learn a bit about the culture before their trip. Morocco’s language is Arabic and 99% of the population is Muslim, though it is very tolerant towards religious […]

Weather in Marrakech

The climate is influenced by the passage of the hot climate of the desert to the temperate climate of the Mediterranean.  There are two different seasons: a hot and dry one and a cold with a lot of rain. In the North the hot season lasts from June to September, in the South from April […]

Museum in Marrakech

Museum Dar Si Said The museum exposes popular arts of Marrakech and the berber villages of the environment. The marvellous fountain in the entrance hall, is on of the exposition pieces what makes this visit so exceptionel. his fountain comes from the medersa Ben Youssef and show us a common motif of the sacred islamic […]