Best Cities to Visit in Morocco

Taking a trip to Morocco is so much fun. There are so many different things to see and experience, and the people that you will meet are super friendly and very helpful in showing you where places are if you are having trouble finding where you are trying to get to. Not only this, but the buildings and architecture are very ornate and beautiful, and the landscapes outside of the cities are breathtaking. But if you want to know which cities are the best ones to visit during your trip in Morocco, here they are.

Marrakech is the first on the list. It is located at the bottom of the Atlas Mountains and has tons of things to do. It is also a city that dates back very far, so there is a ton of history to learn in it. It is a very busy city with tons of people at all times, so if you want a quiet and reserved place to be in, then Marrakesh might not be the right city for you to visit. But if it is, then you will find all kinds of amazing restaurants with food that tastes amazing. The people in the city are also very friendly, so if you ever get lost, you can always ask the locals for directions. Speaking of the local people, they do speak a little bit of English, so you won’t have to worry about knowing Arabian or French to be able to communicate with them.

More Cities to Explore

Next up on the list is Merzouga. This is a very small desert town within the sand dunes of the Sahara. It is always very fun to take a camel around and see the amazing desert landscapes and hills. The people in this town are a little less familiar with English but many still speak it because of all of the visitors, but I am confident you won’t get lost in a town this small.

Fes is a very important city in Morocco as it has religious and cultural significance. The city is filled with old architecture that is absolutely amazing. There are tons of small little shops to find food and little trinkets in, and walking around the city is fun just by itself. You will see so many different shops and buildings with cool architecture and designs.

Last on the list is Asilah. This town is one of the most beautiful seaside towns you will ever visit. With white and blue houses lining the ocean cliff sides, getting on a rooftop and looking out will amaze you. This town is a must see in Morocco and has so much history. The restaurants in this town have amazing seafood, and since it is a coastal town, it is all very fresh. Right up next to the water is pretty rocky, so if you want to be at the water’s edge, you may need shoes on. This town was so amazing to visit and I would easily go back over and over again.

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Post Author: Kenzi Murray