Beginners Guide to Moroccan Food

Ah, Moroccan Food. This style of food holds a very special place in my heart. Not only for some of the amazing spices that are using in the cooking, but also some of the very simple meals that can be made in the style. Morocco grows many different ingredients like spices, fruits, and vegetables. Spices are a huge part of Moroccan cuisine, and are used a lot in all kinds of different recipes to give them that much needed flavor. Meats are usually part of the base of the cuisine meals, and you will commonly see beef, goat, lamb, chicken, and some seafood. Pork is not something you will see very often in Morocco, mainly because of the religious beliefs of the people living there. And along with pork, you will rarely see alcohol in traditional Moroccan recipes for anything.

Salads are actually very common in Morocco, and most of the lunches that I ate started off with a salad. Some of the salads were even served hot, which was very neat. Then after we ate a salad, they would bring out the main meal. I always wanted to order beef or lamb, but you can always order chicken or seafood depending on the restaurant. If you are wanting to cook a Moroccan meal at home, find a good recipe for a salad, and I would recommend the lamb or chicken main dishes, as the different ingredients used with these meats makes them taste amazing. If done correctly, you will probably have a recipe that you will want to make all of the time. Moving on, the main meal is served and depending on what you order, you may have bread served to you instead of utensils. But do not worry, because the bread is actually intended to be used as a sort of utensil for your food.

One thing that I actually did not realize was that couscous is Moroccan. This is a super common dish in Morocco and one that I can enjoy over and over again. Now that I know this, couscous has become something that I keep stocked in the pantry at all times. Whenever I feel like making a quality Moroccan dish, I pull out the couscous, get some beef, and I’ve already got the two main ingredients of my dish. Another dish that I love to make is a seafood dish consisting of fish mainly, with some bread and something to dip it in.

The desserts in Morocco were actually very good. I got to try some little cakes that were coconut and fudge. They looked to be very simply made and tasted very good. At the end of some of our meals in Morocco, the servers brought out fruits for us to eat. We were told that these were seasonal fruits, and that meals usually ended with the fruits being served.

Moroccan cuisine is a wonderful style of food and I would highly recommend it for anyone that wants to try quality dishes that have something a little bit different in them.

Post Author: Kenzi Murray