The history of Marrakech

Morocco has originally its name from Marrakech. In the old Arabic chronicles, Marrakech is named Mraksch (“the town”). The name has been changed over the decades to Morocco and would be taken as name for the whole country.

Marrakech, called also the red town, because of the red wall surround the old town, the medina.

First Marrakech was just a resting-place for the caravans, but the leader of the Almoravids Abou Bekr recognized, that this place is a fantastic place for his troops. His cousin Youssuf Ibn Taschfin constructed the first mosque and the first houses. 
In 1062.He also is responsible for the great palm groves (Palmeraie), which can be still admired today in the northeast of the town.

This was starting-point to conquer the whole country just to Andalusia. Marrakech became his capital town of his empire. The town is built little by little by the Almoravids (under Ali Ihn Yousuf), by the Almohads (under Abd el Moumen, in the 12century) and extended by Abou Yakoub Youssuff and Yakoub el Mansour. Just the 9km long red earth wall is preserved from the Almoravid Empire

Post Author: Hasim Farooq